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Where To Buy Christmas Tree Artificial?

Looking to bring the holiday spirit into your home with a beautiful artificial Christmas tree? Look no further! This article will guide you in finding the perfect artificial Christmas tree for your festive celebrations. With a focus on convenience and affordability, we will explore top retailers, online options, and even eco-friendly alternatives. Get ready to deck the halls with a stunning artificial Christmas tree that will leave your loved ones in awe. It’s time to make your holiday season truly unforgettable!

Where To Buy Christmas Tree Artificial?

Understanding Artificial Christmas Trees

Artificial Christmas trees are a popular choice for holiday decorations as they provide convenience and longevity compared to their live counterparts. These trees are manufactured to resemble real trees, but they are made using synthetic materials such as PVC or PE. Artificial Christmas trees come in a variety of styles, sizes, and colors to suit different preferences and home aesthetics.

Benefits of Artificial Christmas Trees

There are several benefits to choosing an artificial Christmas tree over a live tree. Firstly, artificial trees are reusable, which makes them a more sustainable choice for the environment. Live trees are often discarded after the holiday season, contributing to waste. With an artificial tree, you can use it year after year, reducing your carbon footprint.

Another advantage is the convenience of artificial trees. They are easy to set up and don’t require watering or maintenance, unlike live trees that can dry out and shed needles. Additionally, artificial trees eliminate the need to constantly sweep up fallen needles, keeping your home cleaner during the holiday season.

Artificial trees also offer a wide range of options. Whether you prefer a traditional green tree or a unique colored tree, there are countless choices available. From snow-frosted branches to pre-lit trees, you can easily find a design that matches your style and enhances your holiday décor.

Things to Consider when Buying Artificial Christmas Trees

Before purchasing an artificial Christmas tree, there are a few factors to consider. One important aspect is the size of the tree. Measure the space where you plan to display the tree to ensure it fits comfortably without overpowering the room. Remember to account for the height and width of the tree, as well as any additional clearance required for ornaments or a tree topper.

Another consideration is the desired style of your tree. Decide whether you prefer a pre-lit tree, unlit tree, colored tree, or a natural-looking tree. Each option has its own unique charm and can greatly impact the overall ambiance of your holiday décor. Additionally, think about the longevity and durability of the tree. Look for quality indicators such as needle quality, sturdiness of branches, and ease of assembly to ensure you choose a tree that will last for years to come.

Types of Artificial Christmas Trees

When shopping for artificial Christmas trees, you will come across various types to choose from. Understanding the different options available can help you make an informed decision. Here are some common types of artificial Christmas trees:

Pre-lit Artificial Christmas Trees

Pre-lit artificial trees come with built-in lights, eliminating the need for separate string lights. These trees usually feature evenly spaced lights throughout the branches, creating a beautifully illuminated display. Pre-lit trees are convenient and save you the hassle of untangling and arranging individual light strands.

Unlit Artificial Christmas Trees

Unlit artificial trees do not come with lights installed. They offer a blank canvas for you to decorate as you wish, allowing complete customization. Unlit trees are ideal for those who enjoy exploring different lighting options or prefer a simpler, more understated look.

Colored Artificial Christmas Trees

Colored artificial trees add a playful and festive touch to your holiday décor. Instead of the traditional green, these trees come in a variety of vibrant colors such as white, silver, red, or even pink. Colored trees can be a fun way to experiment with different themes or create a unique focal point in your home.

Natural-looking Artificial Christmas Trees

Natural-looking artificial trees are designed to closely resemble real trees. They are often crafted with high-quality materials that mimic the texture and color variation of natural evergreen branches. These trees provide a realistic appearance while offering the convenience and longevity of artificial trees.

Where To Buy Christmas Tree Artificial?

Major Retail Stores for Artificial Christmas Trees

If you prefer to shop in person and examine the trees firsthand, there are several major retail stores that offer a wide selection of artificial Christmas trees. Here are some popular options for finding the perfect tree:


Walmart is known for its vast selection and competitive prices. They offer a range of artificial Christmas trees in various sizes, styles, and price points. Whether you’re looking for a budget-friendly option or a premium tree, Walmart is a reliable option.


Target is another popular destination for holiday decorations, including artificial Christmas trees. They offer a diverse range of tree options, from traditional to trendy. Target also collaborates with renowned designers to create unique and stylish tree designs that cater to different tastes.

Home Depot

Home Depot is a go-to destination for all things home improvement, including artificial Christmas trees. They offer a wide range of tree sizes and styles to suit any budget or preference. Home Depot is known for its quality products and knowledgeable staff, ensuring a satisfactory shopping experience.


Lowe’s is a one-stop-shop for all your home improvement needs, and Christmas trees are no exception. They carry a variety of artificial trees, from classic designs to innovative options. Lowe’s also offers a selection of pre-lit trees and tree accessories to enhance your holiday décor.


Costco is a membership-based warehouse retailer that offers great deals on a wide range of products, including artificial Christmas trees. They often have seasonal specials and discounts on trees, making it a cost-effective option for purchasing a high-quality tree in bulk.

Online Marketplaces to Buy Artificial Christmas Trees

If you prefer the convenience of online shopping, there are several reputable online marketplaces where you can find a diverse selection of artificial Christmas trees. Here are some popular platforms to consider:


Amazon is a global marketplace that offers an extensive range of products, including artificial Christmas trees. They have a wide selection of options, ranging from budget-friendly trees to high-end, premium designs. Amazon provides customer reviews and ratings, helping you make an informed decision based on the experiences of other buyers.


eBay is a well-known online marketplace where individuals and businesses can buy and sell various products, including artificial Christmas trees. It offers a platform for both new and used trees, allowing for more budget-friendly options. When purchasing from eBay, be sure to review seller ratings and descriptions to ensure a positive buying experience.


Wayfair specializes in home goods and offers a vast selection of artificial Christmas trees. They carry various sizes, styles, and colors to suit different tastes. Wayfair provides detailed product descriptions and customer reviews, making it easier to choose the right tree for your needs. is an online retailer that offers discounted prices on a wide range of products, including artificial Christmas trees. They source products from various manufacturers, providing you with an extensive selection to choose from. often features sales and promotions, allowing you to find a quality tree at a lower price.


Etsy is a unique online marketplace that connects independent sellers with buyers looking for handmade or vintage items. This platform offers a charming selection of artisanal and unique artificial Christmas trees. Shopping on Etsy allows you to support small businesses while finding a one-of-a-kind tree for your holiday décor.

Where To Buy Christmas Tree Artificial?

Specialty Christmas Stores

For an immersive holiday shopping experience and access to a wide variety of artificial Christmas trees, specialty Christmas stores are worth considering. These stores often carry an extensive selection of trees in various styles and sizes, allowing you to browse and compare different options. Here are some notable specialty Christmas stores:

Bronner’s Christmas Wonderland

Bronner’s Christmas Wonderland is a renowned Christmas store located in Frankenmuth, Michigan. It offers the world’s largest selection of Christmas decorations, including an impressive assortment of artificial trees. With over 300 styles and sizes to choose from, Bronner’s is a must-visit destination for Christmas enthusiasts.

The Christmas Palace

Located in Miami, Florida, The Christmas Palace is a year-round Christmas store that offers an extensive array of artificial Christmas trees. They provide a variety of designs, ranging from traditional to contemporary. The Christmas Palace also offers professional decorating services, making it a convenient option for those seeking expert guidance.

Christmas Central

Christmas Central is an online retailer that specializes in all things Christmas. They offer a vast selection of artificial Christmas trees, encompassing a wide range of sizes, colors, and styles. Christmas Central provides detailed product descriptions and customer reviews to assist you in finding the perfect tree for your holiday celebrations.

Balsam Hill

Balsam Hill is a renowned brand known for its lifelike artificial Christmas trees. They focus on creating high-quality trees that closely resemble real trees. Balsam Hill offers a range of designs, including pre-lit trees and trees crafted with innovative technologies. Their attention to detail and commitment to authenticity make Balsam Hill a popular choice among Christmas enthusiasts.

Choosing the Right Size and Shape

Selecting the right size and shape for your artificial Christmas tree is crucial to ensure a visually pleasing and practical display. Consider the following factors when making your decision:

Consider the Room Size

Start by measuring the area where you plan to place the tree to determine the maximum height and width that would comfortably fit. Consider the ceiling height and any furniture or decorations that might affect the available space. It’s important to choose a tree that complements the room without overwhelming it.

Shape Options: Full, Slim, Pencil

Artificial Christmas trees come in different shapes to suit various preferences. Full trees offer a classic and lush appearance, with branches extending to the floor. Slim trees have a narrower silhouette, making them ideal for smaller spaces or those seeking a sleek and modern look. Pencil trees are the slimmest option, perfect for tight corners or limited floor space.

Height Options: Tabletop, Medium, Tall

Consider the overall height of your tree based on the available space and your personal preferences. Tabletop trees are ideal for small apartments, offices, or as additional accent pieces. Medium-sized trees are versatile and appropriate for most average-sized living spaces. Tall trees make a bold statement, especially in rooms with high ceilings.

Choosing the Right Tree According to Home Aesthetics and Furniture Scale

When selecting an artificial Christmas tree, consider the overall aesthetics of your home and your existing furniture. If you have a traditional or rustic-themed interior, a realistic-looking tree with warm, earthy tones may be the best fit. For contemporary or minimalist spaces, a sleek and slender tree in neutral or metallic colors might complement the furniture scale.

Where To Buy Christmas Tree Artificial?

Quality Indicators for Artificial Christmas Trees

To ensure you invest in a durable and visually appealing artificial Christmas tree, pay attention to the following quality indicators:

Needle Quality

High-quality artificial trees typically feature realistic and densely packed needles. Look for trees crafted with premium materials that mimic the texture and appearance of real evergreen branches. Avoid trees with sparse or flimsy needles, as they may look less impressive and shed more over time.

Sturdiness of Branches

The sturdiness of the branches is crucial for supporting ornaments and decorations. Opt for trees with strong and resilient branches that can withstand the weight of ornaments without drooping or bending. It’s recommended to choose a tree with metal or sturdy wire branches rather than ones made of lightweight materials.

Assembly Ease

Consider the assembly process of the tree before making a purchase. Look for trees that come with clear instructions and user-friendly mechanisms for easy setup. Some trees feature hinged branches that fold down, simplifying the assembly process. Avoid trees that require excessive effort or complicated steps, as they can be time-consuming and frustrating.


Assess the overall durability of the tree to ensure it can withstand multiple holiday seasons. Consider the materials used for the frame, branches, and trunk of the tree. Trees made with high-quality materials are less likely to show signs of wear and tear over time. Additionally, check if the tree comes with a warranty or guarantee, as this can provide added peace of mind regarding its longevity.

Pricing and Budget

The price of artificial Christmas trees can vary significantly depending on factors such as size, quality, and brand. Consider the following aspects when setting a budget and making a purchase:

Common Price Range for Artificial Christmas Trees

Artificial Christmas trees can range in price from as low as $50 to several hundred dollars. Smaller, unlit trees or basic models without many features generally fall into the lower price range. As the size and complexity of the tree increase, the price tends to rise accordingly. Premium trees with high-quality materials and advanced features, such as pre-lit options, often fall into the higher price range.

Factors that Influence Price

Several factors can influence the price of artificial Christmas trees. Trees made with higher-quality materials, such as realistic-looking foliage or durable frames, tend to be more expensive. Additional features like pre-installed lights, adjustable branches, or specialty designs can also contribute to the cost. Brand reputation and customer reviews may also affect the price, as reputable brands often offer higher-quality products.

Buying a Quality Tree within Your Budget

Finding a quality tree within your budget is possible with some considerations. Determine your ideal price range and prioritize the features that are most important to you. Look for sales or discounts offered by retailers, especially during off-season periods. Additionally, consider purchasing from reputable brands known for their durability and customer satisfaction. With careful research and comparison, you can find an artificial Christmas tree that meets your needs without breaking the bank.

Where To Buy Christmas Tree Artificial?

Environmental Impact and Sustainability

While artificial Christmas trees offer certain environmental benefits compared to live trees, it’s essential to consider their overall environmental impact. Here are some factors to keep in mind:

Environmental Footprint of Artificial Christmas Trees

Artificial Christmas trees have a higher initial environmental impact compared to live trees due to the manufacturing process and use of synthetic materials. However, their long lifespan and reusability can offset this impact over time. The longer you use an artificial tree, the more it contributes to reducing deforestation and the carbon emissions associated with transporting and disposing of live trees.

How to Dispose or Recycle Artificial Christmas Trees

One advantage of artificial trees is that they can be reused for many years, minimizing the need for disposal. If you decide to replace your tree, check if local recycling facilities accept artificial trees. Some recycling centers have specialized processes to handle synthetic materials. If recycling options are not available, consider donating the tree to a charity or passing it on to someone who can use it. Avoid disposing of artificial trees in regular trash bins, as they may take a long time to decompose in landfills.

Sustainable Choices in Artificial Christmas Trees

To make a more sustainable choice, opt for artificial Christmas trees made from recycled or sustainable materials. Some manufacturers offer trees crafted from recycled PVC or PE to reduce their environmental impact. Additionally, choosing a high-quality tree that lasts for many years ensures you maximize its usage and minimize waste. Prioritize durability and consider investing in a tree that will bring joy for numerous holiday seasons to come.

Care and Maintenance for Artificial Christmas Trees

Proper care and maintenance can help extend the lifespan of your artificial Christmas tree and keep it looking fresh and vibrant. Consider the following tips:

Proper Storage for Longevity

When the holiday season is over, store your artificial tree properly to prevent damage and prolong its lifespan. Disassemble the tree carefully, following the manufacturer’s instructions. Use a dedicated tree storage bag or box to protect the branches and keep them dust-free. Avoid storing the tree in areas with extreme temperature fluctuations or excessive humidity, as these conditions can degrade the materials over time.

Cleaning Tips for Artificial Christmas Trees

Over time, artificial trees may accumulate dust or debris. Clean your tree gently using a handheld vacuum cleaner or a soft brush attachment to remove loose particles. If your tree is not too large or fragile, you can also consider using compressed air to blow away any dust. For more stubborn stains or marks, lightly dampen a cloth with water or a mild cleaning solution and gently wipe the affected areas. Avoid using harsh chemicals, as they can damage the tree’s foliage.

Removing and Replacing Lights

If your pre-lit tree experiences issues with the lights, it’s essential to troubleshoot and address them promptly. Check for any loose bulbs or connections and secure them properly. If a specific section of lights is not working, you can try replacing the corresponding bulbs or fuses. Many pre-lit trees come with extra bulbs and fuses for easy replacements. If the lights cannot be fixed, consider adding new string lights or utilizing other decorative lighting options to ensure your tree remains beautifully illuminated.

Ensuring Safety and Preventing Common Accidents

Safety is paramount when it comes to artificial Christmas trees. Ensure the tree is placed away from heat sources, such as radiators or fireplaces, to prevent fire hazards. If you have pets or small children, secure the tree properly to prevent tipping. Anchor the tree to the wall or use a sturdy tree stand that can support the weight of the tree and any decorations. Regularly inspect the tree for any signs of damage or wear, such as weak branches or exposed wires, and address any issues promptly to ensure a safe holiday season.

By understanding the different types of artificial Christmas trees, considering quality indicators, and making sustainable choices, you can find the perfect tree to enhance your holiday celebrations. Care for your tree properly, and it will bring joy and beauty to your home for many holiday seasons to come. Happy tree shopping!